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Mastering the Audition

Auditioning can seem like a daunting task, whether it be auditioning for a college music program or auditioning for your school musical. For many, auditioning is a crucial step in their musical journey, especially if they plan on pursuing a music career. This blog post is here to help you feel more confident for your next audition through different techniques to help nerves, pick audition materials, and much more. We’ve even asked some students and teachers here at Loud & Clear to give their best advice for rocking an audition and how they’ve learned their process over the years.

It all begins with the requirements.

Each audition has its own requirements, so never assume they’re all the same. A community theater audition will be drastically different from an audition for a BFA (Bachelor in Fine Arts) program. Researching what is required from you is the number one step on the list. Requirements could be anything from sight-reading, preparing repertoire (a full selection or a shortened audition cut), or guidelines such as a dance audition or a prepared monologue.

Be sure to choose your repertoire wisely!

Choose audition pieces that best highlight your strengths, musicality, and versatility. Make sure that the selected repertoire aligns with the audition's requirements and showcases your range and technical abilities. Don’t choose a song that is extremely difficult just to show off, but rather choose a song that showcases what you’re capable of as an artist.

Don’t choose your materials last minute either! Make sure to give yourself adequate time to prepare and familiarize yourself with the materials. Nothing is better than knowing a piece like the back of your hand and nailing it in the audition. Feel free to take these materials to your music teacher at school or a lesson instructor for more guidance and feedback. With a trusted mentor, you can work on musicality, technical skills, and enhancing the overall performance.

Be kind to yourself.

Always be kind to yourself before, during, and after auditions! Prioritize your self-care before the audition by making sure you're resting up, getting a good amount of sleep, and checking in with your mental and physical health. 

During the audition, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with nerves, but remember to turn those nerves into positive energy! Come in with a positive mindset and showcase your abilities! Even if you have a hiccup during the audition, keep moving forward and finish strong.

Afterward, try treating yourself to something special for your hard work. Maybe stop by Starbucks for a special drink or a cake pop, or pick up dinner from your favorite restaurant. Congratulate yourself on all that you did for this audition! 

Preparation is key, so is arrival.

The day of the audition, be sure to arrive at your destination early enough to be acquainted with the space you will be in, but also to allow yourself time to calm down, warm up, and relax a bit beforehand. Take time to prepare your materials and make sure they’re all in order, especially if you have paperwork to turn into those behind the table.

The audition process takes time from the moment you commit to the audition. Remember to stay focused during practice and to stay confident. Here are some tips, tricks, and words of encouragement from teachers and students of LCMS!

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