Piano lessons for Cuyahoga Falls and Stow
Our piano teacher, Angelica.

Looking for a piano teacher? We're different than your normal lessons!

At Falls Music School, we believe that the best way to learn the piano (or anything for that matter) is by having it tailored to the specific way someone learns and focuses on what they're most interested in, while still ensuring all fundamentals needed to become a well-rounded musician are still covered.

This is why each piano teacher here is able to take their own different approach with each student. This keeps lessons engaging and fun, while still making students the best pianists they can be. Forcing every teacher to follow canned lesson plans can only lead frustration and boredom. We're here to help make more musicians in the world, not less!


Why piano?


Many parents who want to start musically educating their children find piano to be the perfect instrument. The beginning fundamentals are easy to grasp, but the advancements you can make are infinite! Countless studies show that children who take music lessons at a young age excel in other areas later in life such as language, math, and overall problem solving. Piano is a great instrument to start with this!

You're never too old to start though-learning piano can also help restimulate a mind to think in different ways later in life.

And of course, no matter your age, you get the satisfaction of playing music! 


What does it cost to sign up?

Lessons are traditionally half an hour long (though other options are available) and are every week. Tuition is $115 per month.


Family discounts, as well as multiple instrument discounts, are available!


Want to get started? Contact us today to discuss what learning the piano can do for you.

Piano Lessons

Angelica teaching a group of children from Stow and Hudson about the piano!