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How our lessons work

Our approach is based around making sure every student gets the fundamentals they need to become a strong, well-rounded musician, while still personalizing lessons based on each student's individual goals, interests, and learning styles. The fact that our lessons are one-on-one enhances this experience.


This approach is helpful for everyone because we can tailor lessons based on not only age but on unique learning styles as well. We do not believe in cookie-cutter lesson plans, because everyone learns differently, is in a different stage of their musical development, or has different musical goals.


We hold two recitals every year to give students an opportunity to gain the experience of performing, as well as show off everything that they've learned to their peers, family, and friends! The recitals are not mandatory, however, so no pressure is involved! The recitals are also totally free of charge.


Tuition at Falls Music School is a flat monthly rate of $120. You will pick an open lesson time slot and that spot will be dedicated to you every week.


If a student needs to miss a lesson due to illness or another conflict, we can not guarantee a make-up lesson as some of our teachers have completely booked schedules. However, you can always ask our staff or sign in to the student portal to see what lesson times may be available.

If you should ever receive more than 4 lessons a month (like if your lessons are on Saturdays, and there are 5 Saturdays in a particular month, for example) you will NOT be charged any extra.

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