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General Music

What are General Music Classes?

General music classes are designed specifically for children ages 4-6, but can be modified for a wide variety of ages. Their aim is to give an introduction and foundation of a wide range of musical ideas on a variety of instruments through fun and interactive games and activities. 

Each of our General Music Teachers have their own way of connecting with their students based on how the students learn and what instrument they're most interested in.

What do you learn?


Having an introduction into music can be immensely beneficial for young children before they pick up their desired instrument. Teaching a variety of concepts with fun games can teach a child a lot, while being able to keep their focus and attention. The foundation they learn can prepare them for picking up any instrument later on.

Students will learn:

-Basics on a variety of instruments like piano, guitar, voice, and percussion instruments
-How to sing using "solfedge"
-Basics of music reading
-Learning to clap different rhythmic ideas
-Basics of music theory

What does it cost to sign up?

Lessons are traditionally half an hour long (though other options are available) and are every week. Tuition is $120 per month paid for on the 1st. 

Want to get started? Contact us today to discuss what getting involved in general music can do for you.

Music classes for kids
Music classes serving Talladge, Stow, Akron, and Cuyahoga Falls.
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