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Jeremey Poparad

Upright Bass, Guitar, and Bass

jeremey headshot_edited.jpg

Jeremey Poparad is an Akron area guitarist and bassist who performs regularly with jazz and rock bands, cover bands, and musical theatre. Jeremey began playing the guitar while in high school, and soon developed an interest in jazz. After high school, he pursued this interest by entering the jazz program at the University of Akron. Jeremey graduated in the spring of 2006 with a Bachelor of Arts degrees in Jazz Studies and Music Composition. Jeremey works full time as a musician, splitting his time between performing and teaching. He is an adjunct professor in applied guitar and director of studio ensembles at Kent State University at Stark.

As an active composer, Jeremey writes for numerous ensembles that he performs in. He also writes for and performs on a custom 9-string electric guitar, which extends the range of a standard electric guitar both lower and higher. As both an electric guitarist and a fan of classical music, Jeremey is an advocate for the electric guitar as a serious instrument in the classical idiom and works to compose and perform chamber music for the instrument.

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