Bass lessons for Cuyahoga Falls and Stow
Upright bass lessons

Looking for a bass teacher? We're different than your normal lessons!

Whether you want to learn upright bass, or the acoustic or electric bass guitar, we've got you covered. Our bass instructors not only have experience with both, but also have done a wide array of musical styles with each. 

Our approach is based around balance. No student's lesson plan is going to look like any others. We make sure all students get a good foundation of fundamentals, to make them well rounded musicians, while also making sure to address each student's personal goals based on their styles or genres of preference..


What does it cost to sign up?


Lessons are traditionally half an hour long (though other options are available) and are every week. Tuition is $120 per month paid for monthly on the 1st. 


Family discounts, as well as multiple instrument discounts, are available!


Want to get started? Contact us today to discuss what learning the bass can do for you.

Bass Lessons