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About us

With locations in both the Cuyahoga Falls and Green/Coventry areas, we are here to feed the musical appetite of Northeast Ohio. We currently offer lessons for guitar, piano, voice, drums, strings, and woodwinds. We provide students and instructors with an environment that fosters learning, inspiration, and both musical and personal growth. In all, we connect people to encourage a thriving and passionate musical and creative community.

What Defines Us?

1) We focus on teaching music – that is our number one priority.


2) The teachers here at Loud & Clear Music School each take their own personalized approach to make sure students get the proper fundamentals and techniques needed to learn their instrument, while still having a personalized program to reach their own individual goals.


3) Teachers at Loud & Clear Music School choose what ages they specialize in teaching, but most teach ages 4 all the way to retired folks!


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